"Remove This Girl From My TV" - Last Years Love Island Contestants Are Getting Quite Bitchy About This Years Islanders On Twitter

28 June 2017, 15:12 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Love Island 2016 vs 2017

And it turns out that not EVERYONE loves Jonny and Camilla...

Love Island 2016 contestants are getting a little bitchy on Twitter about this years islanders.

Granted, until recently it’s been VERY PG compared to last years antics, but it seems that the 2016 gang are keen for the 2017 lot to take things up a gear.

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Love Island Girls 2017

Between tweeting about their hatred for Amber, discussing the antics going down between Jonny and Camilla and weighing in on how Montana is getting on, nearly all of the cast from last years show have one opinion or another. 

Let’s break it down. 


It seems that there is no love lost between the Love Island veterans and this years Amber. 

And there was even a sly tweet from the presenter, Caroline Flack!

Camilla and Jonny

Whilst some are rooting for the pair (them, along with the whole nation), others are less certain on whether Jonny is 100% invested. 


It seems that the general consensus is that they all want Montana to find love, with Olivia tweeting that she’s had a rough road but Prince Charming will walk through the door soon. 


And Alex is totally not on board with Olivia.

Remember when Nathan and Cara had practise at becoming parents?