WATCH: This Little, Old Lady Dancing On The Streets Just Makes Us So, So, So Happy!

Pure joy on the streets of Brighton


Someone managed to catch an adorable old lady raving on the streets of Brighton, and it's amazing. If you don't go all warm and fuzzy inside, you're a straight-up monster. Officially.

You'd have thought a video of a man with pink accessories in his hair and a tight golden Lycra suit on, throwing shapes in the middle of Brighton would be the focal point of this video, wouldn't you? Well, you'd be wrong.

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Because one passer-by caught an amazing old lady on the side of the pavement cutting a rug herself, and the outcome is just incredibly heart-warming, and heart-warmingly incredible.

Old Lady Dancing Brighton

While other pedestrians try to impress us with their moves and routines, no-one - and we mean NO-ONE - can upstage this adorable nan.

Can someone get us her number, so we can take up to the club next week?

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