Kylie Jenner's assistant Victoria Villarroel reveals real reason why she quit

16 January 2020, 12:43

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Kylie hired Victoria in 2015 after she interned at Kris Jenner's company, Jenner Communications.

Kylie Jenner's former assistant Victoria Villarroel is squashing any rumours that she decided to quit working for the billionaire to become an Instagram influencer… or any other reasons.

Now, you've probably seen Victoria on Kylie Jenner's Instagram and on her E! series Life of Kylie (RIP). She was basically Kylie's right-hand woman, ensuring her schedule runs smoothly and coming up with innovative new ideas. Victoria had worked for Kylie since 2015, after a stint working for her mother Kris Jenner's company, Jenner Communications. 

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Helping Kylie with her day-to-day tasks might sound like the dream, but we bet it's hard work. An Us Weekly article suggested Victoria quit to become an Instagram influencer after gaining over 900,000 followers on Instagram. "Victoria wants to be an influencer in her own right and is focusing on that now," a source said.

Kylie Jenner and Victoria Villarroel
Kylie Jenner and Victoria Villarroel. Picture: Rich Fury/Getty Images, @victoriavillarroel via Instagram

However, Victoria shared a message on her Instagram Story to let people know what's really going on – and there's definitely no drama between her and Kylie.

"Don’t believe everything you read please! This story is false," she wrote. "I worked with Kylie for five years and she become one of my best friends. We both decided it was time to grow without each other professionally about a year ago! She's still one of my best friends and our relationship has only gotten stronger.

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"Now let's focus our time and energy on other things! A lot is happening in the world right now."

Victoria Villarroel Instagram Story
Victoria Villarroel Instagram Story. Picture: @victoriavillarroel via Instagram

Victoria actually went into further detail about her reasons for leaving her position on the Girl Cult podcast back in April 2019.

"After five years, it was a long time. I learned so much and we have such a great relationship, I really do love her with all my heart," she explained. "But as a person, you just want to grow. And when you see that person be so successful, you’re like, ‘I want to be a boss a– bitch. I want to kill it.'

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"I’m reading a book called Big Magic and in the first pages, it tells you the universe puts little gem inside of everybody and then the universe steps back and sees if you can find it. So I'm just like, I want to find it. I want to find my passion and whatever makes me 100 percent happy and fulfilled."

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Anyway, Kylie has proven that she's still the best of friends with Victoria. On Monday night (13 Jan), Victoria, Kylie and their friend Yris Palmer went to see singer Rosalía perform at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

See! There's no drama or bad blood here.