Kylie Jenner Hinted At Her Pregnancy On Her Reality Show According To This Fan’s Theory

26 September 2017, 11:42 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Kylie Jenner

Seriously, this will BLOW YOUR MIND

The rumours of whether Kylie Jenner is or isn’t pregnant has been rumbling on since the weekend, and a new fan theory will literally blow your mind, as they reveal that the pregnancy was possibly hinted at on Life Of Kylie.

Caitlyn Jenner CONFIRMS Daughter Kylie IS Pregnant & That She Knew 'Some Time Ago'

Twitter user, @mRiah, has worked out that there are several signs pointing to the pregnancy in the past few months including a shaman apparently revealing it on the reality show before Kylie even knew herself.

So lets look at the clues… Kylie suffered from ‘altitude sickness’ in May 2017, which was covered on the show – the same day that the family went to see a psychic shaman… and just happens to be 9 months before her reported due date of February 2018.

The shaman spoke about a man in her life who was “inside, looking at you” – and Kylie replied “inside of me”.

Around this time, Kylie was also accused of having had a boob job after she was posting pictures with a larger chest – something she attributed to water retention due to her period rather than surgery.

And @mRiah worked out that if that’s when her normal cycle is… EVEN SHE WOULDN’T HAVE KNOWN SHE WAS PREGNANT when the shaman told her!

Erm yeah, this is freaking us out a little… 

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