YouTubers KSI & Joe Weller Get Into Aggressive Fight On Stage In Front Of Live Audience

11 September 2017, 18:06 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

It all kicked off when the two met on stage!

If you weren't already aware of the beef between YouTubers KSI and Joe Weller, then you will be now because their scrap live on stage at a YouTube event has gone viral.

The pair had traded diss tracks over the last few months and it all got a bit too heated when they met in person on stage.

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Check out the video above for exactly what went's fair to say the people in the venue must have been pretty shocked.

'Upload' was the event that the pair had been at and one onlooker, Tazz, spoke to The LadBible about exactly what happened.

"The previous day (Saturday, September 9) KSI was on a panel and was talking badly of Joe Weller," Tazz revealed

"Joe then replied to someone on Twitter who had informed him about this. Joe then gatecrashed KSI's panel on Sunday, which led to the face-off. The screams were mostly from kids full of excitement. Some parents and other people were quite shocked."

Explaining the tension in the venue, Tazz claimed, "The bodyguards had to pull them apart as well as Joe Weller's close friend, Elliot Crawford. Joe was escorted out of the panel room and KSI didn't seem very happy throughout the rest of the panel."

KSI and Joe are planning to have an official boxing match in February 2018 to bring an end to their ongoing beef once and for all and many people feel this could all be a ploy to bring more attention to that event.

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