North West Tells Kim Kardashian EXACTLY What She Thinks Of Snapchat (Cute Alert)

Kim Kardashian North Snapchat

When your dad is Kanye West and your mum is Kim Kardashian, its basically impossible to grab the limelight...unless you are North that is.

She may have only joined Snapchat less than a week ago but Kim K already posting some instant classics. In this adorable clip posted a few days ago North tells her mum exactly what she thinks of Snapchat!

If you haven't heard North's little voice before then prepare to have you heart melted as she tells Mrs West how she is 'scared of snapchat'...aww...we just want to give her a squeeze!


What did we tell you. Super adorable right?

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Kim followed up with this pic of North REALLY showing her true feelings towards the app. Take this as a warning, kids do NOT like those creepy filters...and maybe some adults too...


Be sure to follow Kim's snapchat, her username is 'KimKardashian'...obviously.

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