Love Islander Kem's Mum Thinks Amber 'Is Playing A Game' With Him & It Sounds Like Their Introduction Could Be Awks

5 July 2017, 13:26 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Kem and Amber Love Island


We can’t keep up with Kem and Amber at the moment. First, they were crazy about one another, next, Tyla turned up and threw a spanner in the works, then Simon was attempting to graft after Amber… 

… however, it all ended up okay in the end because the dancer got her split ends trimmed by the Essex boy. 

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However, it seems that Kem’s Mum, Figen Cetinay, isn’t quite so happy about the reunion. 

Commenting that “it’s hard to watch as I don’t like to see Kem upset. He’s a very sensitive boy and although he hasn’t always been happy with Amber, he won’t want to see her upset”, Figen doesn’t seem to be a massive fan of Kem’s other half. 



A post shared by Izzy Cetinay (@izzy_cetinay) onJun 29, 2017 at 9:48am PDT

She continued that “I worry she’s playing a game with Kem and being immature. I think she’s fishing to see what else is out there”. 


However, she did go on to comment that she thinks her son will make the “right decision. If he made the decision to stay with Amber then I would support him no matter what my views are”. 

Well, that’ll be an interesting introduction after Love Island then!

Will Kem and Amber be the new Nathan and Cara?