The Director Of The New 'King Kong' Movie Lashes Out At YouTuber Who Criticised The Movie

16 August 2017, 10:47 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Everything Wrong With Kong: Skull Island


Just enjoy his 19-Tweet long thread...

The 2017 reboot, 'Kong: Skull Island', was met with generally positive reviews - it currently has a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, plus any film that stars Samuel L. Jackson is a-okay in our eyes.

The director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, has since responded to a YouTube creator, CinemaSins, which picks comical flaws in movies... And Jordan's not here for it.

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CinemaSins' series, 'Everything Wrong With' picked out a total 146 errors, mistakes and cliché's in the fantasy/science-fiction flick, much to the director's anger.

Kong: Skull Island StillPic: Facebook

Jordan Vogt-Roberts took to Twitter to write a lengthy message, not only stating that he was upset with what CinemaSins had done, but to correct the mistakes they had made.

"Things like Cinema Sins simply suck the life blood of other people and are often just wrong about intent or how cinema works. It's terrible," started Jordan, after comparing it to a similar series, 'Mystery Science Theatre'.

He then used stills from the video titled 'Everything Wrong With Kong: Skull Island' to correct CinemaSins, where they had previously said there were inaccuracies.

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Ending his message, Jordan said that he loved "film criticism and I love reading negative reviews if the author makes compelling and well written arguments," but concluded by saying "Maybe I'll return to this and watch their entire video if it doesn't make me hammer a nail through my d*** and point out more errors."

It looks like CinemaSins has just lost one of their subscribers...

Maybe CinemaSins would have preferred the movie if it had more nudity. Ain't that right, Tom Holland?