Does This Video Show A Leaked "Jet White" iPhone 7?

28 December 2016, 16:23 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

White iPhone 7

By Matt Garforth


The world lost all chill back in September when Apple released its glossy Jet Black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

It proved to be a massive seller for the fruity tech giant, selling out before it was even release - so it's no surprise that rumours surfaced that Apple would be revealing a "Jet White" version at some point

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This video surfaced on Twitter, apparently showing a leaked version of Apple's new monochromatic handset - but before you get your hopes up, it's pretty much DEFINITELY a fake.

For starters, the smaller iPhone 7 shown above doesn't have an Apple logo like its bigger brother.

Oh, and there are numerous third party companies who'll jazz up your iPhone with after market back panels - one of which being Colorware, who think this jobby looks a little familiar...

Regardless of whether or not this is real, it looks damn fine!

Currently, if you want a white iPhone, you're limited to a silver, gold or rose gold (pink, yeah?) backplate - so this Jet White version would be a great addition to the lineup!

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