Have You Seen Why This Little Girl Dressed As A Hotdog On Princess Day?!

Hotdog Princess

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and... A Frankfurter in a bun. Obviously we're listing what these little girls came to school as on Princess Day. YAAAAS!

At school, girls struggle every day to fit the social norms - what make-up to wear; how to style their skirts; what fashion to do their hair... But one girl has just defied EVERYTHING!

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During her dance class' Princess Day - a 24 hour period where all of the students are encouraged to come in dressed as their (you guessed it) favourite princesses - one girl arrived as a hotdog.


Hotdog Princess

During the class' recital, the #hotdogprincess was brought on stage and answered a few questions, like the reason she came dressed as a hotdog was because it's her favourite costume. 'Nuff said. Move on. (And yes, she is - mostly - a ketchup fan.)

You keep winning at life, #hotdogprincess.

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