Video Suggests Honey G's Stage Invasion Was Faked By Producers As Invader's Identity Is Revealed!

26 November 2016, 21:24 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Honey G

After just finishing her performance of MC Hammer's Can't Touch This, X Factor star Honey G experienced reportedly three men invade the stage.

One man appeared to grab the microphone from Honey when the camera cutaway to the judges. Simon Cowell ran to the rescue (the hero that he is.) 

Simon went on to apologise to Honey, telling her: “I’m so sorry about that, are you ok? I thought that was part of the act, I was quite worried."

Twitter user Elle Angeles rewinded the footage and is accusing the show of faking the invasion. Watch her video commentating on the stage invasion below. 


It seems to have divided opinion as to whether it was fake or not. 

However a reporter for Channel 5 news who's in the audience has tweeted that it was a 'genuine security' breach.


It didn't take long for one of the invaders to be revealed as 'prankster' Daniel Jarvis. 

He even posted this video on his Facebook from the studio saying that he was making his 'X Factor debut.'


YouTuber's TrollStation have since taken full responsibility for the stage invasion, posting this video of the moment it happened in the studio - absolute chaos! 

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