You’ll Never Guess Which Show Geordie Shore Star Holly Hagan Is Going To Appear In Next

1 August 2016, 16:24 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Holly Hagan Selfie

It’s random to say the least…

There are rumours that Holly Hagan might be hanging up her Geordie Shore pulling pants after the next series, and even if she isn’t quitting for good, she’s definitely got some more TV work in the pipeline… appearing on Storage Hunters.

Has Holly Hagan QUIT Geordie Shore To Have A ‘Normal’ Life? It Seems So!

Yes, Holly has signed up for that random show on Dave where celebs get that chance to buy a load of unidentified tat from a disused storage locker.

The news was revealed by Storage Hunters host Sean Kelly over the weekend, when he confirmed that Holly would be one of the 41 stars to take part in the five-part series starting this Autumn.

Holly will be taking part in the series to raise money for her chosen charity – and sifting through someone else’s tat is probably QUITE different to getting mortal in the Geordie Shore house….

Is it wrong that we are TOTALLY going to have to tune in for that episode?!

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