These "Hangover Angels" Will Tidy Up After Your Next House Party AND Cook You Breakfast!

7 June 2016, 10:32 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Morning After

There's a new service in town that will change. Your. Life.

House parties are pretty much the best nights to ever exist - especially if music videos are anything to go by...

But as much fun as they are, there's one HUGE downfall when you play host... The morning after.

Not only are you hanging out of your *ahem*, you've got to tackle a mountain of red cups, spilled Doritos and a pile of WTF IS THAT!?.

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But fear not, young party animal - there's a new service coming to your rescue... The Morning-After Maids!

Morning After Maids

Meet Bex & Cat - the two heroes who'll clean up your house and even refuel you in the morning, so you're all ready for a day of "OMG why did I drink so much?" and "Never again. Seriously this time!".

But what do you have to pay for such a magical service? Well, if you do happen to having a house party in New Zealand, here's a price list - and to say it involves not getting out of bed, is pretty reasonable!

  • Booking $20-$80 (depending on party size)
  • 2 x Cleaners $30/hr
  • Mileage $10-$40 (depending on distance)
  • Rubbish removal (if your bins are overflowing) $45
  • Clean breakfast (think fruit & granola) $25/person
  • Diiiiirty breakfast (think a mixture of bacon, eggs and Christina Aguilera) $20/person

Oh, and here's the kicker... They'll even bring some puppies to play with. The cost of these "Morning-After Mascots"? Absolutely FREE! 

We're sold! Get us on the next flight to NZ!

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