The REAL Scare Factor! 10 Life Problems Brought On By Halloween

29 October 2015, 16:32 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Halloween Costume

Let's face it Halloween is a scary time of year, but it's not just the trick or treaters you have to watch out for...

Whether you're going out or staying in we've unearthed ten REAL fears everyone at some point encounters over Halloween, and they're pretty scary indeed.

Trick or treating? There's always that one neighbour with sweets as hard as rocks. Going out? Good luck getting there, public transport is maybe the most genuinely terrifying part of the're going to want to wish you stayed in.

Here are the Halloween fears we've identified as being perhaps even MORE horrific than Halloween itself.

Couples costumes highlighting how single you are


When you misinterpret the theme of the party


The fear no one will get your costume


Being forced to dance to some terribly cheesy playlist


Trying to get the make up off at the end of the night


The looks...


There's always that one neighbour


26 Best Halloween Costume Ideas: The Spookiest Outfit Ideas

Not sleeping for a week


Everyone suddenly starts doing THIS


The reality of trying to carve your pumpkin


However we wouldn't ever want to change it!


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