“DANG, That’s Deep!”: GRL On Advice From Pitbull, Relationship Revenge And ‘Ugly Heart’

5 September 2014, 15:16 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

We sat down with GRL to ask them all the important questions, like whether they've ever taken revenge on a bad ex and Pitbull’s dancing pants!

If you’ve not heard of GRL, WHERE have you been? The girls featured on Pitbull’s smash hit ‘Wild, Wild Heart’ and have gone straight in at number five on the Big Top 40 with their first release ‘Ugly Heart’.

When we sat down with the five new girls of pop, we obviously asked them all the important questions, including whether they have ever cut up an exes suit for revenge. As you do…

Simone Battle told us about the message behind their song, “’Ugly Heart’ is about a guy with a pretty face and an ugly heart. It’s really about inspiring inner beauty and telling girls out there that looks aren’t as important as what’s on the inside, so it’s important to treat people with respect. It’s about overcoming heartbreak as well.”

In the epic video for the song, the girls are seen being hauled away by police after tattooing a cheating exes face, but have these feisty ladies ever done anything to get back at their exes?

Natasha Slayton reckons the best way to get back at an ex is to show them EXACTLY what they are missing!

She told us, “When I was younger there was a boy that I really liked and he kind of semi broke up with me, he was like ‘I’m not really over my ex, I don’t know’.”

“There was a little high school get together and I thought, OK he’s going to be there, I’m just going to dress up the hottest I can possibly dress and do my make up and hair the best I’ve ever done it and show up and just act like I don’t care but I’m happy, whatever. At the end of the night he was just like ‘Oh my gosh I’m so sorry and I really want to be with you and you’re so beautiful and I really, really think I’m in love with you’ and whatever! Bye!”

“I wanted to feel good about myself and I think once I got into that mindframe I realized, you know I don’t even really like him as much as I thought and if he liked me as much as he’d initially said then we should be together but now I’m moving on.”

Simone agreed, explaining, “I feel like success is the best revenge, you know. If you don’t focus on what he did to you and you focus on how to be a better person and how to move on from that then you end up winning in the end.”

Paula added, “And you don’t go to jail!” - which is always a bonus!


The girls also have a bit of history with Pitbull and his “dancing pants” – Paula used to be a backing dancer for him before she joined GRL, and ‘Pit’ as they call him had some great advice for the band.

She told us, “I actually used to back up dance for him so it was really cool to be on a record with him as an artist and for him to see me transition into this new part of my life. He’s just been very inspiring and supportive and kind of mentoring us all into this very new experience of being a girl group and finding a bit of success and being in the public eye. He’s definitely had a lot of words of wisdom.”

Simone added, “He said it like this, ‘The word listen, if you scramble it, it’s silent.’ And we were like ‘DANG, that’s deep!’ But its really important to us because there’s five of us, we all have lots of opinions and ideas that we all wanna share so sometimes instead of talking so much, which we love to do, we have to be silent and listen because we might find that what someone else has to say is really good and it will make us stronger and make us better as a group.”

'Ugly Heart' is available now.  

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