“WTF!” Gaz Beadle Rips Into New Geordie Shore Star Abbie Holborn Over Her Bad Make Up

6 April 2017, 10:39 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Gaz Beadle Abbie Holborn

“How did I not notice her face is a COMPLETELY different colour to her body?!”

The new series of Geordie Shore has seen a lot of new faces join the main cast, and one of the newbies, Abbie Holborn, has come under a bit of ribbing from Geordie Shore veteran Gary Beadle for her SERIOUSLY dodgy foundation!

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Gaz took to Twitter to poke fun at Abbie’s foundation being badly colour matched to the rest of her body – something he hadn’t noticed while the cast had been filming for the new series.

He tweeted a photo of Abbie’s face and posted, “How didn't I notice that at the time Abbie's face is a COMPLETELY different colour to the rest of her body? what the actual fuck I am done... I quit.”

Abbie replied to Gaz’s tweet blaming the foundation fail on her brand on foundation being really bad at reflecting the lights from the cameras used for filming.

Dodgy foundation or not, Abbie seems to be one of the viewers’ favourites out of all the newbies to join the hit series so far. 

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