Gaz Beadle Got A MASSIVE New Flower Tattoo… & It Looks VERY Similar To Charlotte Crosby’s

23 August 2016, 11:00 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Gary Beadle tattoo

Anybody else notice the similarities between Gary’s tattoo and Charlotte Crosby’s?

When he’s not posting eye-wateringly unsubtle pictures of his bits on Instagram, Gary Beadle’s been spending some time in the tattoo chair… and we can’t help but notice that his new inking looks a lot like someone else’s tatt…

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Gary got a large flower on his hand in honour of his mum, but it does look uncannily like the flower tattoo his ex, Charlotte Crosby, has on her hip.

Gaz posted a snap of the tatt with the caption, “Ok so today this happened...Thank you ‪@Mattwebbtattoo mams favourite flower, some amazing colour, hand piece!! I gave him my mama favourite flower, a blank hand and could not be happier with the finished piece. Love the colours, the shading, the white finishing touches, just everything. Thank you." 

We’re sure it’s just a total coincidence as loads of people have floral tattoos, but it is uncannily similar to Charlotte’s design of two flowers on her hip.

Maybe this is Gaz’s way of extending the olive branch (or petal) to his former love? 

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