There Was A Chance That Daenerys' Dragon Was Going To Eat Jon Snow During THAT First Meeting

26 September 2017, 13:37 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Takes a pretty good actor to be able to pull this off, hey?

What better way to win over a massive dragon than by channeling your inner direwolf?

Jon Snow has revealed that he used this technique to gain the respect of Drogon during their first meeting in Game of Thrones, season 7, episode 5. 

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“There was something I wanted to bring to it that was quite animalistic. If you show a vicious animal fear, it’ll jump on that, but if you show it bravery, then it will respond in a different way”, Kit Harington revealed in a behind the scenes video. 

Showrunner Dan Weiss also revealed that Daenerys is keen to intimidate Jon Snow as she’s still trying to suss him out at this point. 

“She doesn’t want to see her dragon eat him, but she would like to see him sweat a little bit. I think she’s like 85% sure that the dragon’s not going to eat Jon”, he revealed. 

Not gonna lie, we’re not sure if we could keep a straight face if someone asked us to stroke a pretend dragon on the top of an Irish cliff with 50mph winds.

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