“I’m Crying More Than The Red Wedding” - The New Game Of Thrones Episode Just ENDED Everyone On Twitter!

23 May 2016, 11:54 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Game Of Thrones Season Six

Seriously, if the latest episode doesn't make you BAWL then you're dead inside...

It’s Monday so naturally EVERYONE is going crazy about the latest Game Of Thrones episode but this time, we promise you, the hype is worth it because something TERRIBLE has happened.

SPOILERS! Is Game Of Thrones About To Solve The BIGGEST Mystery - Jon Snow’s TRUE Parents?!

The show killing off fan-favourite characters comes as no surprise these days - we all remember Ned Stark, Lady Catelyn and (lolz) Jon Snow - but the Internet is in LITERAL TEARS over this week’s twist.

Suffice to say it involves events North of the Wall and those dastardly White Walkers who are up to no good again.

Just to help you gauge just HOW heart-breaking this latest character exit is, fans have been saying it’s the most they’ve cried since the Red Wedding. Yep, it’s THAT bad.

See some of the best Internet reactions the latest Game Of Thrones Season Six episode below:

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