First Dates' Abi Opened Up About Her Battle With Bone Cancer On Her Heartbreaking First Date

10 October 2017, 17:40 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10


'First Dates' can be a bit emotional at the best of times but it seems that the most recent episode is utterly heartbreaking. 

Romantic hopeful Abi was enjoying her date with Danny and revealed the story behind how she found out she had stage three bone cancer.

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On their first meeting, Abi told the story of how a dog attacked her which led her to discover the tumour on her arm. She went on to explain that she had to go through over 60 rounds of chemotherapy to treat the illness, as well as suffering from a stroke and discussed the negative side effects it would have on her fertility. 

Thankfully, Abi has come through the other side and revealed her delight at her hair growing back. 

During the chat, Abi opens up to Danny: “My 20s have been the worst things that I thought could ever happen to me happened to me. I went to South Africa and got attacked by a dog, it jumps up to bite me, and I jump back and my arm completely snaps”. 

She continues that her “friend came and picked me up and took me to the doctors. She looked quite frustrated with me as if I was being really dramatic, then I got my scan and her whole face changed”. 

“I had stage three bone cancer. The X-ray showed this huge tumour on my arm”, Abi bravely revealed. 

Danny was a gentleman and simply told Abi, “you do look gorge by the way”. 


Is this the most awkward 'First Dates' moment ever?

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