Best Father's Day Present Ever? Getting To Grill Your Kids... With A Lie Detector Test!

19 June 2015, 11:12 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

What Happens When Dads Hook Their Kids Up To Lie Detectors


A group of young adults live through their WORST nightmare... while their dads love EVERY minute!

This is pretty much the DEFINITION of hell for anyone who wants to keep certain information from their parents... being strapped to a lie detector test and quizzed on your deepest darkest secrets!

In the latest YouTube video viral, to celebrate Father's Day this Sunday (21st June), a group of VERY brave teens and young adults are hooked up to a polygraph and faced with some tough questions from their loving-every-minute-of-it fathers.

From questioning if they’ve ever spent their parents money on alcohol to whether they’ve had sex in their family home to whether they’ve tried on their mum’s clothing… and who is their favourite parent! These dads do NOT hold back!

Hit play on the video above and just be thankful not EVERY parent has access to one of these machines.

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