There's An Exclusive Tinder For The Elite... And If You're Not Pretty Enough, You're Not Allowed In!

9 March 2017, 15:21 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Disappointed woman looks at her mobile phone

No amount of Super Likes will save you from this one, friends...

11:07PM: Swipe through Tinder. 11:22PM: Return to Tinder and swipe some more. 11:49PM: Put thumb in some ice to ease the pain. 11:52PM: Get back on Tinder and do even more swiping.

We hate to say it, but that's a regular thing for us. And we regret nothing. Well, nothing except for not being let in the invite-only extension of the app.

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Couple playing games with a smart phone in train stationPic: iStock

'Tinder Select' is an exclusive portion of the dating app, that only allows the hugely successful and pretty in - including celebrities, models and CEOs. You can qualify to be a part of 'Tinder Select' based on your power in the real-world and on your success with getting swiped right on Tinder, itself.

Not only will you find yourself face-to-face with Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on 'Tinder Select', but - and here's the clincher - it's also a lush shade of bluey-purple. OOOOH.

Tinder Select ScreenshotPic: reddit

Don't worry - not all hope's lost if you're not part of 'Tinder Select', yet. You can still be a part of it, as it's rumoured members can invite others to join. We'll just keep refreshing our app for now then, eh, Nick Jonas, bae? Sigh...

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