This YouTuber Got Publicly Dragged By A Hotel After Begging For A Freebie

19 January 2018, 17:49

i was exposed (SO embarrassing)


Better luck next time.

It honestly seems like it’s another day another YouTuber mishap and this time it’s thanks to a UK YouTuber called Elle Darby.

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So it’s very common in the vlogger/blogger world for people to get some really exciting things/trips for “free” in exchange for a feature, y’know no biggie. Except nothing would have prepared this YouTuber, Elle Darby for the response she got when she cheekily asked for a four night stay at a hotel in Dublin as an early Valentine’s Day treat for her and her boyfriend in exchange for some promo. 

The hotel owners of The White Moose Café were not impressed by her cheeky request and responded to her through their Facebook page-blocking out her name. However, never underestimate the internet’s power to find someone, and that’s what they did. 

The internet outed the “social media influencer” they cheekily responded to as the 22-year-old and she got half trolled while the other half of the internet thought she did nothing wrong. 

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And in true YouTuber style, Elle responded with a VERY dramatic video captioned, wait for it… “I was exposed (SO embarrassing).” Let’s not forget the overly dramatic thumbnail.

Now thanks to the vlogger, all vloggers have been banned from the venue. 

We’re not faulting Elle for trying but we’re not gonna lie, her request was preeeetty cheeky. 

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