Reasons Pop Stars Should Never Date Each Other

14 February 2014, 09:03 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift at the zoo

Sometimes, it's just never gonna work!

We've all seen the huge fallouts right? The awkward moments in public? Yep, sometimes it seems dating a fellow pop star is just not a good idea.

With Valentine's Day this week, we've decided to highlight just some of those reasons why being a huge pop star and dating another huge pop star might not be the best mix.

Don't get it us wrong, sometimes it works... we're simply offering a few words of advice for those who fall head over heels a little too quickly...

Anyway, here it goes:


It's currently award season. No chance of avoiding one another here we're afraid

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And then you might get the ultimate diss in front of millions

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There's no hiding from your dating history...


Messy break-up? Not speaking to each other? Well, you'll never get to perform that awesome duet again!


It's never fun to air the dirty laundry in public, and no-one wants to see a game of "I'm more famous"

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Fans of theirs will say mean things about you on Twitter...


Think about all those future relationships. They'll constantly be comparing themselves to your high-profile ex. And if they happen to catch them on your TV #NotFair

If you share some famous friends, they might side with them!

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If you are going to go out with a fellow star, make sure you are ACTUALLY going out

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So, to sum it all up.... #Awkward

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