Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson's Awkard Encounter At The Oscars 2017 Is The Most Awkward Thing You'll See

Dakota Jonhson Jamie Dornan Oscars 2017

Can't. Watch.

You may have heard of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson from a small film called 50 Shades Of Grey… 

But it seems that some fans are less than impressed with their on stage chemistry, as they demonstrated at The Oscars 2017. 

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It seems that their big moment has been slightly shunned by Twitter users, who declared that the pair lacked serious chemistry. And given that they're most famous for their romantic relationship in the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy, that doesn’t really bode well.

When Dakota took to the stage, she declared that Jamie “looked familiar”, whilst he pointed out, “I’m sure I do”. Not sure if this was intended to be as awkward as it looked…

… so much so that Twitter has erupted with hilarious comments about the moment. 

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