WATCH: Dads & Daughters Reading Each Other’s Sexy Text Messages Is Brilliantly Awkward

9 December 2015, 11:51 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Dads Read Texts Their Daughters Sent To Their Boyfriends [Technically Speaking] | Elite Daily


Because there is literally nothing more cringe-inducing than your parent reading the messages you send your other half, is there?!

If there is one thing you need to be SERIOUSLY brave to do, it’s let your parents have a snoop through the dark corners of your mobile phone and read all your NSFW text messages… but these brave souls have done just that and the outcome is HILARIOUS.

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From questions about pregnancy tests to eggplant emojis, these brave father and daughter duos swapped phones to read each other’s texts… and it is just as brilliantly awkward as you’d imagine.


We definitely wouldn’t be volunteering to do this with our parents – but we’re kind of obsessed that these people totally did. 

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