These Simple Tips Will Keep Your Phone Alive During The Cold Weather

27 February 2018, 17:23

iPhone cold weather

You can't say we don't have your backs, guys.

The weather’s taken a turn for the worst and it’s literally a blitz out there, plus your smartphone probably doesn’t like the ice cold temperature either.

So if your phone’s been switching off randomly, losing battery very quickly or not responding when you touch it, it could be because of how cold it is.

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According to new reports by phone tech experts, your phone works better in warmer temperatures than in a wintery blitz. 

iPhone cold weatherPicture: Getty

A spokesman for phone retailer Envirofone dropped some gems on what you can do to keep your phone functioning well in the cold and they’re all really simple.  

They explained: "Do your battery - and hands - a favour in the bitter cold and keep them in pockets, avoiding exposing them to the cold unless absolutely necessary.

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"We know it might be tempting to check your phone to distract yourself from the freezing conditions, but if you want to keep your phone working, those texts and Facebook notifications will have to wait.

Also, getting your phone a case is also a major key. Because why does your phone NOT have a case in the first place? Come on guys.

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