WATCH: This Girl Caught Her Man Cheating, Hid In His Car Boot & Live Tweeted It All!

22 April 2016, 11:43 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Girl hides in boot

(18+) Our favourite bit is the part where she freaked out that she would get arrested for kidnapping herself – and it’s all SO funny.

We’ve all been through a bad break up that’s left us doing things a little on the wrong side of cray cray, but until you can say you basically KIDNAPPED yourself in the boot of your exes car and live tweeted the whole thing, you can’t beat this girl.

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Twitter user @vickto_willy went viral after she posted a video of herself hiding in the boot of a moving car, and then proceeded to tell everyone exactly what happened that led to her getting in the trunk. (NB. 18+ There is swearing and language that some may find offensive in the video and tweets below)

It’s a long old read (well, it’s not going to be straightforward if she ended up going to these measures, is it?!) but it’s so, so worth it – especially the part where she freaked out so much about getting arrested for kidnapping herself she broke her nails holding the boot shut.

Yep, we’re definitely not feeling so bad about checking our exes phone while they weren’t looking now.

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