WATCH: Gaz Beadle Asks Charlotte Crosby To Be His Girlfriend… But She’s Having None Of It!

27 May 2016, 11:32 | Updated: 10 December 2018, 14:43

Charlotte Crosby cosies up to Gaz Beadle

Well, we’re even MORE confused about what’s going on with these two after this turn of events!

Gaz, Charlotte... we just can't keep up with their relationship - and this new Geordie Shore footage proves that Gary asked Charlotte to be his girlfriend... and she didn't want to label their relationship!

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In the Geordie Shore house, Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby took themselves off to the bedroom while the rest of the housemates were partying to have a little heart to heart (and some seriously questionable dancing from Gary...) and in a VERY sweet move, Gaz asked Charlotte to be his girlfriend outside of the show. 

While Gary gave up his womanising ways to concentrate on making a relationship with Charlotte, Miss Crosby was less than sure about giving it an official go once they got out of the house... Oh, guys!!

Previously, Gary hit out at claims he cheated on Charlotte Crosby, claiming she was the one that never wanted to put a label on their relationship.

In a new interview, Gary explained, "If Charlotte and I were in a proper relationship, like boyfriend and girlfriend, everyone would know. I'd ask her whether we were in a relationship and I didn't get an answer, then [of course] I was going to think I was single.

"If she had said, 'Yes, we are in a relationship,' then it would have been easier. She's the one that messed up and not me. It was very confusing. I'm always made out to be the villain... Outside of Geordie Shore, I'd ask Charlotte, 'Can we just go to the cinema instead of an event?' I'd take her on dates and not put a foot wrong. She was a bit scared, I think."



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Their relationship already got EVEN MORE COMPLICATED in April after reports suggested that they broke up because Gary found out Charlotte was texting her ex while she was with him... and even Gaz doesn't know where they stand with each other. 

Although there have been multiple reports about their relationship and even cheating rumours, Gary Beadle admitted that even he doesn't really know what's going on with Charlotte Crosby. Gaz told Digital Spy, "I haven't had a chance to speak to Charlotte yet, so I actually don't know myself what the hell is going on.

"I don't know what's been said, who's sold stories, where that's came from, where that's came from - I physically do not know. We spoke briefly the other day but I need to speak to her properly obviously to find out what is happening with us, where we're going, is she coming back to 'Geordie Shore'… we need to talk. I physically, from the bottom of my heart, don't have a clue what's going on with us because I haven't spoken to her."

Gas was also quick to rubbish the rumours that he had cheated while the couple were together, "They haven't got a f**king clue. You can say, 'Gaz has cheated on Charlotte' and I'm like, 'How? I didn't know we were girlfriend and boyfriend at any point - did we make it official? Did I miss that?' I think people get f**king so obsessed with us they think they know us. 

"And there's a lot of stuff we talk about without everyone knowing, and you might see pictures of us everywhere and in 'Geordie Shore' and that and yes, we might spend a lot of time together, but people think they know a lot more than they do. I'm quite a private person but it's starting to p**s us off."

Gaz also added that as a lot of the rumours started while he was in Australia, he didn't have a chance to defend himself when it all blew up. "I was like, 'What the f**k's happened here? It was annoying that I came back to it all, and I think it would have been a lot less dramatic if I'd had a chance to explain. But I didn't want to go and do a massive story because it would bring more attention to it and I'm not that kind of person anyway. But if it gets to the point where I've got to explain myself, I'm going to have to.

"We were good but with our schedules and Geordie Shore and other programmes and the pressure of the whole 'Gaz and Charlotte' thing, whacking everything into that mix, it's like, 'F**king hell, give us a chance to breathe!'. So when I came back I was like, 'Really? Again?' But we'll speak. I think once we've spoken we'll hopefully have a few more answers."

As well as the cheating rumours, according to the Mirror, when Gary Beadle recently filmed for the upcoming series of Ex On The Beach, one of Charlotte Crosby's exes, David Hawley, revealed that Charlotte had been texting him while she was with Gaz, even up to the day he left to go film for the series. 

The source revealed, "David told everyone when he arrived and also claimed Charlotte was texting him the day Gaz left for Ex On The Beach."

A spokesperson for Charlotte claimed to the Daily Mail that that's not really what happened at all and that "the texts and call were instigated by David Hawley. Charlotte's responses were entirely innocent and this whole thing is a nonsense that has been blown out of all proportion."

Charlotte Crosby revealed recently that she "wants more than anything" for her and Gary Beadle to be together... although it was rumoured that he cheated on her with multiple women during Ex On The Beach. 

They may not be on good terms following the revelation that Gary got with his ex, Jemma Lucy, while filming for Ex On The Beach, but it turns out that she isn't the only girl he was unfaithful with while filming for the show. 

A source told a tabloid newspaper that Gary had bedded Charlotte Dawson and Olivia Walsh too, "Gaz and the girls barely knew each other, but they were determined to make this the raunchiest series of Ex on the Beach ever and jumped into bed with each other pretty much as soon as the cameras were on.

"It was a total free for all and even though Gaz has slept with over 1,000 women, it'll be a night he never forgets. He definitely wasn't thinking about how Charlotte C may feel." Nice. 

Just before the revelations surfaced, Charlotte told OK magazine, "It’s quite hard. If he comes back and says something has happened, I’ve made him fully aware that I’ll be really hurt. If he still goes ahead and does it then it shows we weren’t meant to be.

"But if he comes back and says: ‘I didn’t get with anyone and I realise I just want to be with you,’ then I’ll say let’s be in a relationship. I do care so much about the boy and I want more than anything for us to be together."

Charlotte previously said she and Gary Beadle would be over for good if either of them left Geordie Shore… and she would quit the show if he hurts her - and she hit out at her ex on Twitter this week, posting a cryptic quote that seems to be aimed at Gaz, reading, "Start ignoring people who threaten your joy. Literally, ignore them. Say nothing. Don't invite any parts of it into your space."

Gary - who will be starring in the next series of Ex On The Beach - reportedly cheated on Charlotte with his ex-girlfriend on the show, and Charlotte has previously said that she will quit Geordie Shore if Gary hurts her. 

A source claimed to the Daily Mail that she "reportedly called the show's producers in a foul mood after finding out her co-star had been unfaithful. During her call, it's claimed the reality star insisted on handing in her notice and has told her friends that she is done with Gary for good."

The rumours came about after a source told a tabloid, "Gaz bedding Lucy came as a total shock to Charlotte's system - she's devastated. What's making it worse is that she knows their romp will be shown on TV later this year and she won't be able to avoid it.

"She is very, very upset and angry with Gary right now - and she thinks quitting Geordie Shore is the only way she'll ever truly get to move on with her life."

However, it looks like we will be getting a bit more of Charlotte's hilarious appearances on the show as a representative for Charlotte told The Mirror, "Charlotte is not quitting anything."

Charlotte previously revealed to Star magazine that the main reason she’s struggled to move on from Gaz is that the show means they have to see each other all the time for work.

She explained, “It's the show that's kept us together. If me or Gary left, we'd be over. We would never speak to each other again. It'd be so much easier. I can't go round in these circles for any more years, so if this isn't going to happen and he makes a mug of me and hurts me, I will have to leave.

"I'd hate it if he was the one who made me quit, but maybe it's time to start a new chapter. There's talk of other TV shows and a lot of meetings going on."

One of the ‘other TV shows’ that Charlotte alluded to was Ex On The Beach which Gary will be taking part in, and reuniting with his former flames (where he reportedly got with his ex Jemma Lucy) – and understandably she was less than impressed with him agreeing to be on the show.

She revealed, “It is hard because we're not together. He can't really say, 'No because I'm with Charlotte'. It's just a really difficult, weird situation to be in. I'm going to have to just wait until he comes out, I'm hoping nothing is going to happen.

“We've never been official. He didn't cheat, there was a flirty rumour, but that's all sorted out. We constantly work together all the time. The second one of us leaves Geordie Shore, it'll be over for good.

"We probably won't ever see each other again, we won't have the chance because we'll be busy with work. But for now, it'll just have to keep dragging on a little bit longer.”

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