Zendaya's stylist Law Roach denies feud rumours after announcing retirement

16 March 2023, 12:31

Law Roach discusses dressing Tom and Zendaya on the red carpet

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

A viral video of Zendaya and Law Roach at Louis Vuitton led to theories that the two stars had fallen out.

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Zendaya's stylist Law Roach has denied having any issues with Zendaya after announcing his retirement from being a stylist.

Yesterday (Mar 15), Law Roach took to Instagram to say that he was retiring from the fashion industry. Law shared an image of the word "retired" with the caption: "My Cup is empty….. thank you to everyone who’ve supported me and my career over the years. Every person that trusted me with their image, I’m so grateful for you all."

Explaining his decision further, Law then added: "If this business was just about the clothes I would do it for the rest of my life but unfortunately it’s not! The politics , the lies and false narratives finally got me! You win … I’m out."

Law's announcement led to speculation that he and Zendaya had fallen out but now he's officially shut down the rumours.

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Zendaya's stylist Law Roach denies feud rumours after announcing retirement
Zendaya's stylist Law Roach denies feud rumours after announcing retirement. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

Before Law made his announcement, a video went viral of him and Zendaya arriving at Louis Vuitton's recent fashion show in Paris.

In the video, Zendaya can be seen sitting in the front row. Meanwhile, Law looks upset and confused that there is not a seat for him next to Zendaya. Zendaya then points behind her to a set for Law on a different row.

This, combined with Law's Instagram post, led people to wonder if the duo were no longer on good terms. However, Law has now set the record straight.

Taking to Twitter, he explained: "So y’all really think I’m breaking up with Z….. we are forever!. Law then added: "She’s my little sister and it’s real love not the fake industry love."

Discussing the terms of his retirement with Vogue, Law revealed: "I’m not saying I’m retiring from fashion. I love fashion. I love the businesses, and I love being creative." He continued: "What I’m retiring from is the celebrity styling part of it: the being in service and at service of other people. That’s what I’m retiring from, yeah."

Law also said: "So that Instagram post wasn’t a PR stunt. It was really me giving myself the grace to say: It’s okay. You can do something else."

As it stands, it's currently unclear if Law has retired from styling all celebrities or if he's making exceptions for close clients like Zendaya.

Just recently, he styles the likes of Hunter Schafer, Kerry Washington, Hailee Steinfeld and Megan Thee Stallion at Vanity Fair's Oscars after party.

Outside of styling, Law has also acted as a judge on America's Next Top Model and Legendary. He made his modelling debut this week on the Hugo Boss runway too.

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