Is Khloe Kardashian Shading Tristan Thompson In First 'Unconditional Love' Post?

20 April 2018, 11:17 | Updated: 20 April 2018, 11:33

Khloe Kardashian Message Unconditional Love Asset

Khloe is all about 'unconditional love' a trait she has gotten from her late father and we can't help but see the underlying message to Tristan in her message...

Khloe Kardashian hasn't been seen or heard of since the dramatic footage surfaced of Tristan Thompson cheating on her just days before she gave birth to their child True Thompson, only posting once on Instagram post to announce the birth.

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Now, in her first social media appearance via her personal app, she has spoken about the qualities and traits she'll be taking from each of her parents to teach True and it definitely sounds like there is another level to what she is saying.

Picture: Instagram

Remembering her late dad Robert Kardashian, she says: "The one thing I would take from how my dad was with us is unconditional love. It's the entire point of family." 

This seems pretty suitable to her situation with Tristan, as it was revealed that despite everything he was allowed into the delivery room for his daughter's birth and the baby even has his last name.

Her Instagram post welcomed True to the world, saying: "Mommy and daddy love you so much!"

Considering Khloe's handled the entire situation so graciously, it's fitting her first message to the world is a positive one... but still contains a sly message about the power of forgiveness.

She took the time to thank momager Kris Jenner for 'being incredible and teaching her so much' and her sisters who she says she 'can ask about anything that may come up'. The girls have been spotted flying back and forth from LA to Cleveland to be by Khloe's side as she lives alone in Tristan's house whilst he is away for basketball games.

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From what Khloe's hinted at since the whole scandal went down it seems she's chosen to forgive Tristan for the sake of her fam and we seriously hope Tristan's learnt from his serious mistakes. 

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