Tom Holland's reaction to video about 'dating Zendaya' goes viral

19 October 2023, 20:36

Zendaya and Tom Holland enjoy Usher concert

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Tom being the biggest Zendaya stan strikes again."

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One thing about Tom Holland: If someone posts about Zendaya on Instagram, he will see it and he will like it.

As fans of Tom and Zendaya will know, now that they're comfortable enough to share glimpses of their relationship with the world, they don't shy away from celebrating each other publicly on social media. And Tom is undoubtably Zendaya's biggest supporter.

He's always the first to like her posts, leave heart-eye emojis in the comments and he's always quick to post his own tributes to the Euphoria star on his own grid; whether it's celebrating her talent or her red carpet style.

Yesterday (Oct 18), fans clocked that Tom had liked and replied to a hilarious video about Zendaya and their relationship, and his good-humoured response has now gone viral.

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Tom Holland's reaction to video about dating Zendaya goes viral
Tom Holland's reaction to video about dating Zendaya goes viral. Picture: Cindy Ord/WireImage, @blakelythornton via Instagram

In the video posted by @blakelythornton on Instagram back in August, Blakely jokes: "I don't even like girls sexually and I would straight up murder Tom Holland, live the rest of my life in white face with six less inches of height, to be in a relationship with Zendaya..."

"But even if it didn't last, worth it," he continued, as a video of Zendaya looking flawless on the red carpet plays behind him.

In the comments, Tomdaya fans are saying they can relate – and they've also joked that Tom "would 100% understand" too. And based on his reaction to the video, he does.

Tom replied to the video yesterday (Oct 18) with a cry-laughing emoji, and he also liked the post.

It's unclear how Tom actually came across the months-old video – maybe someone sent it him, or maybe his Instagram explore page is just full of posts about Zendaya. (Relatable!)

Either way, fans absolutely love that he has a sense of humour about the love and admiration that fans have for Zendaya, sometimes at the expense of a joke or two about him.

"Tom being the biggest Zendaya stan strikes again," one fan wrote alongside a screenshot of his reaction.

Responding to Tom's laughing emoji comment, Blakely also joked back: "I’ve lost the element of surprise 🤦🏾‍♂️"

It's not the first time Tom has been spotted stanning Zendaya on Instagram like the rest of us.

Back in April, when Zendaya made a surprise appearance during Labrinth's set at Coachella, Tom sadly wasn't able to be in attendance. Instead, it looks he spent a few hours liking countless videos and photos shared by several Zendaya and Tomdaya fan accounts.

Fans were quick to screenshot and share his adorable reaction, with one user writing: "His name is Tom Holland and he is a Zendaya addict."

Once again, we love to see it!

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