Tom Holland praised by fans for flying commercial amid the celebrity private jet backlash

9 August 2022, 16:44

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Tom recently flew to Budapest to spend time Zendaya while she's filming Dune: Part Two and people are loving the fact he didn't fly on a private jet.

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Fans of Tom Holland are praising the actor for flying commercial to see his girlfriend Zendaya, rather than using a private jet.

In case you missed all the recent celebrity private jet drama, here's a quick recap. Back in July, Kylie Jenner was slammed for posting a picture of herself and partner Travis Scott and their two matching private jets.

Then, sustainability marketing firm Yard published a list of "celebs with the worst private jet CO2 emissions". The names on the list included Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Travis Scott and more. (Taylor's spokesperson later shot down those claims in a statement, explaining "Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals.")

A lot of debate about rich people and their extensive private jet usage entered the discourse as a result of that report. And now, people can't stop talking about a photo of Tom on a commercial flight.

Tom Holland flew commercial to Budapest to visit Zendaya
Tom Holland flew commercial to Budapest to visit Zendaya. Picture: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM, @estzischnapp via TikTok

Tom was recently filming his upcoming series The Crowded Room in New York, and decided to take a flight to go and visit Zendaya while she is filming Dune: Part Two in Budapest.

The Spider-Man star was spotted on the plane by another passenger, and the picture was shared by TikTok user @estzischnapp with the caption: "POV: your mother's friend was sitting next to Tom Holland on the plane and she send you a pic of him knitting."

The date of the photo of Tom on the plane is unclear, but his hair does seem to match that of the recent viral video of him and Zendaya exploring Budapest.

Commenting on Tom's choice of flight, one user wrote: "Good to see that he doesn't fly private". Another echoed those sentiments, adding: "We need more celebrities like Tom Holland, who takes commercial flights to go visit his girlfriend and waits in line with everybody else to board the plane…"

It's also not the first time Tom has been spotted flying commercial. A photo and video of him and a fan went viral back in February, too.

Is it the bare minimum? Maybe, but the majority of fans agree that the bare minimum is a lot better than hopping in the PJ for multiple 17-minute flights across the state and back. Good on Tom!

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