Taylor Lautner calls out hurtful comments about his appearance in powerful video

24 May 2023, 15:05

Taylor Lautner reads hurtful messages sent to him on Instagram

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"If this was 10 years ago, five years ago [...] that really would've got under my skin, and it would've caused me to want to just go in a hole and not go outside."

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Taylor Lautner has taken to Instagram to read out some of the hurtful comments he has recently received about his appearance.

Over the past few years, the beloved Twilight actor has begun to open up in interviews and on social media about his experiences with fame at a young age and how it affected his mental health. Recently, he has also just started a mental health podcast called The Squeeze with his wife Taylor (yes, they're both called Taylor!).

On Monday (May 22), Taylor took to Instagram to share another powerful message about how cruel internet comments can affect someone's mental health – including his own. In the video, Taylor addressed a handful of hurtful remarks made about him and how he's "aged," and shared an important message in the process.

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Taylor Lautner shares powerful video calling out hurtful Instagram comments
Taylor Lautner shares powerful video calling out hurtful Instagram comments. Picture: Terry Wyatt/WireImage, @taylorlautner via Instagram

"I just got back from a run. I was feeling really good about myself, you know, trying to stay healthy, both physically and mentally," Taylor says in the video. "And I felt compelled to share something with you because when I got back from that run, I hopped on Instagram."

Taylor then explained that he came across a post about him and his wife Taylor's recent talk show appearance where they promoted their new mental health podcast.

"I read a post from last week when Tay and I were in New York to do press about the squeeze," he continued. "And we went on this show, and they recently posted about it, and I was going through the comments and it brought up old feelings and memories why I don't look through comments, but I'm in a different place now, and I just felt compelled to share this with you."

Taylor then stops talking and shows a handful of screenshots of complete internet strangers feeling compelled to comment on his appearance, presumably assuming that he would never read them himself. One person wrote: "He did not age well goodness." Another added: "Damn looks like shit." Other comments included hurtful statements about his hairline.

Taylor Lautner and Tay Lautner have their own mental health podcast
Taylor Lautner and Tay Lautner have their own mental health podcast. Picture: Getty

After showing the screenshots, Taylor said that while the comments still affect him, they don't bother him as much as they would in the past when he was in a "really unhealthy position."

"If this was 10 years ago, five years ago, maybe even two, three years ago, that really would've got under my skin, and it would've caused me to want to just go in a hole and not go outside," he said.

Taylor previously opened up about how he used to avoid leaving the house at the height of his Twilight fame, for fear of being recognised and photographed.

In the video, the actor goes on to say that the comments used to affect him so badly because he placed his "value was in the wrong things."

"You find value where you put it, and if you put your value in what other people think of you, that's how you're gonna feel. But if you put your value in you, knowing who you are, what's important to you, what you love, that kind of stuff won't get to you. And I'm just so thankful that I am in the place I am today where I can see that."

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In the comments section, celebrity friends and fans alike all praised Taylor’s words. One user whose negative comment about Lautner featured in his video even apologised.

"Hey @taylorlautner, I think it’s good that you called me out," they wrote. "I should have expressed myself differently and I never meant to hurt you in any way. I deeply apologize and will watch my words in the future. I know they can harm a lot. I wish you nothing but happiness."

Taylor then responded to the commenter, saying: "Hey I appreciate you saying that. You didn’t have to jump on here but that was really brave. We all say things before we speak sometimes. I’m very guilty myself. But it’s good to be reminded the impact it can have at times. I respect you and you are completely forgiven. Hope you have an awesome day!"

Friendly reminder to always think before you comment negatively about someone online, even if you don't think they will see it. Put your phone down, go outside and touch some grass!

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