Sabrina Carpenter fans think she just addressed the David Dobrik dating rumours

7 August 2023, 12:37

Sabrina Carpenter denies Joshua Basset rumour

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

It looks like Sabrina Carpenter has no time for nonsense when it comes to rumours about her dating life.

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Sabrina Carpenter fans think that she just shut down rumours that she's dating David Dobrik with a hilarious Instagram post.

Yesterday (Aug 7), Page Six reported that Sabrina had been partying with David Dobrik after her Lollapalooza set. According to an eye witness who spoke to Page Six: "Sabrina and David shared a booth with a few other friends towards the side of the stage." The source then added: "They were smiling and laughing while sitting next to each other and chatting."

The story then spiralled into people speculating that Sabrina and David are dating and now fans think Sabrina has responded.

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Sabrina Carpenter fans think she just shut down David Dobrik dating rumours in the funniest way
Sabrina Carpenter fans think she just shut down David Dobrik dating rumours in the funniest way. Picture: Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Shortly after the relationship rumours began spreading online, Sabrina shared an Instagram dump from Lollapalooza with the caption: "sry i don't date lollapaloozas".

A fan then tweeted Sabrina's post and wrote: "news breaking out she might be dating david dobrik and two seconds later she posts on insta to tell us she doesn’t date losers…that’s how you shut it down!"

The tweet quickly went viral with over 58,000 people liking it.

Was Sabrina even commenting on the David rumours though? Carpenters will know that "sry i don't date lollapaloozas" was actually a line from Sabrina's custom 'Nonsense' outro during her performance at Lollapalooza.

At the end of the song, Sabrina sang: "Turn that dick to stone call me Medusa / Choking on him need Heimlich manoeuvre / Sorry I don't date Lollapa-losers". Shakespeare could never.

Despite speculation, the caption is probably just a reference to her performance at the festival and might not have anything to do with David.

On top of that, Page Six never actually claimed that Sabrina and David are a couple.

They mentioned that Sabrina and David were first linked in February when Deuxmoi shared an anonymous tip that they were "spotted in London together" but it's possible that they're just friends and the tip was never confirmed.

Essentially, the rumours about Sabrina and David could just be nonsense and it's unclear whether or not she's even addressed them.

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