Reneé Rapp slams people for questioning whether she's a lesbian or not

27 March 2024, 13:33

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Reneé Rapp is sick of people questioning her sexuality.

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People are questioning Reneé Rapp's sexuality on social media and she's had enough of it!

Fans of Reneé Rapp will already know that the star used to identify as bisexual but, in recent interviews, she has made clear that she is a lesbian and the term "bi" no longer applies to her.

However, fans have not been listening to Reneé. In fact, some are still actively questioning Reneé's sexuality and calling her bisexual.

Now, Reneé is calling them out for ignoring what she's said about her own sexuality.

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Reneé Rapp calls out people for saying she's not a lesbian
Reneé Rapp calls out people for saying she's not a lesbian. Picture: John Nacion/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures, Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Taking to X this week, Reneé wrote: "If I say I’m a lesbian I am a lesbian and if someone says they’re bi they are bi. I’ve had enough of you witches."

Fans have since rushed to Reneé's defence. One person tweeted: "no cuz i’m glad she’s spoken up about it cuz literally who are u to tell her anything about herself ??"

Another wrote: "some you are OBSESSED with acting like the goddamn sexuality sheriff, trying to police how other gay girls describe their sense of self. like, this is not a club, bedroom bouncer. let sapphic girls describe ourselves however we want to."

It should go without saying that people are the sexualities they say they are and it's not up to anyone else to define them.

Discussing her journey with her sexuality in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Reneé explained that her current relationship helped her realise that she's a lesbian. She said: "I’ve only recently started referring to myself as a lesbian, and I’ve only recently been in a relationship where I’m like, 'Yeah, I’m a lesbian for sure.'"

Reneé also revealed that iconic pieces of lesbian culture like The L Word and But I'm a Cheerleader have helped her understand her sexuality more. She said: "It’s been the most rewarding, validating, scary and exciting experience ever."

Similarly, Reneé's own performance as Leighton in The Sex Lives of College Girls has helped fans come out and Reneé says it's the "coolest thing" to see how her work has affected people.

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