North West shows off her expensive designer bag collection on TikTok

16 December 2021, 17:29

North West shows off luxury handbag collection on TikTok mere days after going live without Kim Kardashian's permission

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

North, remember that sharing is caring.

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When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are your parents, fashion is in your blood. So, it comes as no surprise that little North West has a closet filled with designer handbags worth thousands.

Ever since Kim and North launched a joint TikTok account last month we haven't known peace. North, eight, has become a bit of a TikTok influencer and she has quickly amassed millions of followers. Fans have been living to see a more human side to Kim, especially when North got in trouble for secretly filming her in bed on TikTok Live

On Wednesday (Dec 15), North decided to flex on her followers in a TikTok video simply captioned: "These are my bags." But as you can imagine, North isn't any regular eight-year-old girl and her bags certainly aren't from Primark. In the video, North showed off her vast collection of designer handbags sitting on the shelves of her closet.

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North West is showing off her designer bag collection and I've never felt so poor.
North West is showing off her designer bag collection and I've never felt so poor. Picture: @kimkardashian via Instagram, @kimandnorth via TikTok

North's designer collection included a couple of. Louis Vuitton mini bags, Fendi mini bags, and a Christian Dior saddlebag, which would all total thousands of dollars.

But one of North's most gag-worthy items was her collection of Judith Leiber handbags. Now these fun, bedazzled bags certainly don't come cheap. North's Cindarella-style pumpkin carriage bag? Yep, that retails for over $5,000. The pepperoni pizza slice bag? Well, that's just around $5,700. And, at the more reasonable end of the spectrum, is North's $4,200 doughnut bag complete with sprinkles.

The video appears to have been deleted now so no doubt Kimberly put her foot down straight away.

North West TikTok
North West TikTok. Picture: @kimandnorth via TikTok

Is it healthy to be this jealous of an eight year old? Absolutely not. But will we continue? YES.

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