North West, 9, reveals her favourite movie is The Conjuring 3

14 November 2022, 12:45

North West dresses up as an alien for Halloween

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"North West's favorite movie being The Conjuring 3 has me floored."

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Kim Kardashian's daughter North West has re-emerged as TikTok's main character over the past few weeks, and now she's gone a bit viral after revealing her favourite movie.

North's presence on TikTok has been somewhat of an issue in the past, with her father Kanye West calling out Kim for allowing North to be on the app 'without his permission', and accusing her of "antagonising" him when she posts.

After a short break, Kim and North have now returned to posting on their @kimandnorth account, and as of the last few weeks, North (who is usually always accompanied by an adult in her videos) has been posting pretty regularly.

However, in and amongst her latest creative edits and behind-the-scenes looks at her day-to-day life, one of North's videos has been deleted from her account, presumably because she revealed that her 'favourite film' is The Conjuring 3.

North West's 'favourite movie' is The Conjuring 3
North West's 'favourite movie' is The Conjuring 3. Picture: @kimandnorth via TikTok

In a now deleted TikTok, North shared a short clip detailing her daily routine. Captioned 'Beginning of my day', and set to Katy Perry's 'California Gurls', North revealed that she starts her morning by watching her "favourite movie".

The movie in question? 9-year-old North then showed a brief glimpse at her TV screen to reveal... The Conjuring 3. Yes, the 2021 horror movie starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. (The film is rated R, for terror, disturbing images and violence.)

The TikTok has now been removed from the account, but enough people saw it in time (around 900,000 people, to be exact) to react to North's hilarious yet low-key disturbing reveal.

One Twitter user wrote: "north west’s favorite movie being “the conjuring 3” was something i simply never would have guessed in my entire life [sic]". Another added: "North Wests favorite movie being the conjuring 3 has me floored [sic]".

It's unclear if North was being serious about enjoying The Conjuring 3, or if she was just trolling. But it seems like the TikTok was removed by Kim (or whoever is currently supervising the account) due to backlash for letting a 9-year-old watch an R-rated horror movie.

North West reveals her favourite movie is The Conjuring 3 in deleted TikTok
North West reveals her favourite movie is The Conjuring 3 in deleted TikTok. Picture: @kimandnorth via TikTok

For those that have been...keeping up...with North on TikTok, and Kim's interviews where she discusses her daughter, North's penchant for horror shouldn't come as a surprise.

A few weeks ago, creative queen North designed her own gory, prosthetic alien Halloween costume, complete with fake blood oozing out of her mouth. Kim also recently revealed the 'creepy' sketches North did for Yeezy, and said that North was a "full goth girl" back in 2021.

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