Noah Schnapp goes viral for his hilarious reaction to $50 prize in college quiz video

1 December 2022, 19:25

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Noah being excited ab $50 like he’s not a multimillionaire is the best thing I’ve seen today."

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Noah Schnapp has gone viral on TikTok thanks to his appearance in a video where he attempts to win $50 by answering a series of high school-level economics questions.

Back in November, YouTube channel Kwoknation uploaded a video with host Aaron challenging students at the University of Pennsylvania to a quiz. Noah, who is a freshman at UPenn, appeared in the video and accepted the challenge. Introducing himself as simply "Noah", the Stranger Things actor then added that he is studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UPenn.

Noah's appearance in the quiz has now gone viral on social media. In the comments one TikTok clip that has been viewed over 6 million times, people are living for how smart Noah is. Others are all saying the same thing about the actor and his hilarious reaction to the quiz's $50 grand prize.

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Giving UPenn Students $50 If They Answer THIS Question Correctly

After introducing himself, Aaron explained the rules of the game, adding that a possible $50 could be won if Noah answered 5 questions correctly. Shocked by how much was up for grabs, Noah excitedly replied: "50?! Oh shit!”

Of course, because Noah is one of the most famous teenagers in Hollywood right now, comments about the cash prize quickly flooded in. Reacting to his excitement, one user wrote: "Noah being excited ab $50 like he’s not a multimillionaire is the best thing I’ve seen today." Another added: "Bro said 'FIFTY ? 😳' like he doesn’t get paid $250.000 per Stranger Things episode lmfao".

In the end, Noah answered four questions right and only won $10 – which he was still pretty impressed with! Then he thanked Aaron and walked back off into his normal college life.

Noah Schnapp
Noah Schnapp. Picture: Getty

How much does Noah Schnapp earn per episode on Stranger Things?

Noah reportedly earned around $250,000 per episode for Stranger Things 3 (his per-episode fee for Stranger Things and Stranger Things 2 was considerably lower). It's unclear whether he earned more for Stranger Things 4, or if his pay will increase for the show's final season.

At $250,000 an episode, Noah earned around $2 million for Stranger Things 3 (8 episodes), and $2.2 million for Stranger Things 4 (9 episodes).

Noah has only just turned 18 so he probably hasn't actually had access to any of that money. Aside from (presumably) paying for his own college tuition, Noah also set up his own sustainable snack business called TBH (To Be Honest), where he sells a vegan Nutella alternative that does not contain Palm Oil.

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