Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's NSFW Instagram comments goes viral

7 September 2021, 19:25

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"They know they can just text each other with this stuff, right?"

Instagram can be so boring sometimes but thanks to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's latest comment section escapades, things over on the timeline just got a liiittle bit NSFW and a whole lot TMI.

Megan and MGK (real name Colson Baker) have been dating since 2020 after meeting on the set of MGK's 'Bloody Valentine' music video. Since then, the pair have been inseparable and haven't shied away from sharing their relationship on the red carpet or on social media.

Yesterday (Sept 7), Megan and MGK gave their fans a glimpse into their sex life with an Instagram comment exchange that left very little to the imagination.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Instagram comments go viral
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Instagram comments go viral. Picture: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for iHeartMedia, @meganfox via Instagram

In the photo, Megan can be seen standing in front of an absolutely massive table in a luxury Airbnb rental home. She shared the snap to her Instagram alongside the caption: “When I tell you that the table at this Airbnb saw some things 🥵”

Spoiler alert: The things in question did not involve a nice sit-down dinner with drinks, or a lively game of Scrabble.

Replying to Megan's post in the comment section, MGK doubled down on the NSFW-ness of it all by writing: “I’m really glad that’s not our table anymore.”

The pair's caption and comment were documented by Comments By Celebs, who then captioned the screenshot, "To be a fly on the wall."

Reaction from people on social media about their saucy comments has been...mixed, to say the least.

Replying to Comments By Celebs' post, one person wrote, "Cringe," with others writing, "They know they can just text each other with this stuff, right?" and “this is why they charge so damn much for Airbnb cleaning fees”.

Meanwhile, over in Megan's comment section, it was a completely different story with people loving the couple's X-rated confession. One fan wrote: "Brb booking that airbnb".

The Airbnb owner when they see Megan Fox's Instagram post: 👁👄👁