Madison Beer slams fans for sending death threats following plastic surgery rumours

24 June 2020, 12:14

Madison Beer says controversial novel Lolita is her favourite book

By Jazmin Duribe

Madison has urged her fans to stop the "bandwagon hate and mass bullying" over rumours she's had plastic surgery.

Last week, Madison Beer had to apologise for "romanticising" controversial novel Lolita, the story of an older man who is obsessed with a 12-year-old girl. Now, she's receiving death threats after fans assumed she had been "lying" about getting plastic surgery.

Basically, the singer was recently photographed outside of a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery clinic and when she saw the paparazzi it appeared like she was hiding behind a tree. Madison was then accused of hiding from the paps because she was having cosmetic procedures.

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Madison has been hit with plastic surgery accusations throughout her career – not that it's anyone's business. She's maintained that she's never had any other work done apart from lip fillers.

Madison Beer in 2019 and in 2013
Madison Beer in 2019 and in 2013. Picture: Amanda Edwards/WireImage, Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Madison called out the accusations on Twitter, claiming that she'd visited the clinic for a consultation to remove a mole. She also insisted that she was not hiding from the paps. You can view the pictures here.

She tweeted: "I was there for a consultation to get a mole removed, (which I shouldn’t even need to clarify 'cause it’s my business). I wasn’t 'hiding'. I was waiting for my car and walked out normally, but these pics go ignored. I’ve gotten death threats because of this situation. See the issue?"

Madison went on to call an end to bullying and said she would be focusing on her music. She added: "bandwagon hate and mass bullying is something i’m not okay with. sorry. bullying has been an issue that has led to suicide and depression for so many for years and years and still people do not care to change. focus on your own lives and stop being so hateful towards strangers.

"anyyyywaayyys. i’m gonna continue to focus on my music, my fans and the people who know and support me. that’s it. i jus hope one day we can end bullying together because it’s fucked up. thx! bye [sic]."

This hasn't been the first time Madison has had to shut down plastic surgery rumours. In May, she was hit with comments about her appearance on TikTok. In response, she admitted that she had had lip fillers when she was younger, but she no longer uses them.

"I said very transparently, the one thing I've ever done, which was I got my lips done and I got them dissolved," she explained. "That's literally all I've ever done and people will continuously say 'oh she got an eyebrow lift'."

She continued: "I got my lips done when I was younger and I fucking regretted it and I hated it, and I got them dissolved. This is literally my fucking natural face... I'm about to start crying, bro."