Machine Gun Kelly is being trolled on Instagram after TikToker's video goes viral

27 May 2021, 16:33

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

TikTok user @emmielamp revealed she accidentally called Machine Gun Kelly "sis" and now people are spamming his Instagram comments.

Machine Gun Kelly is currently being trolled on Instagram thanks to a video that's gone viral on TikTok.

If you're a frequent commenter or lurker on Machine Gun Kelly's Instagram page, then you'll no doubt have wondered why the hell everyone keeps commenting "hey sis" on his photos.

Turns out the whole thing is thanks to TikTok user @emmielamp. Responding to a viral video asking about "a time a celebrity was rude to you", Emmie told her followers about the time she met up with Machine Gun Kelly. According to her story, she accidentally called him "sis" and he apparently didn't take it very well at all.

Now, TikTokers have flocked to IG to troll the rapper over the whole thing.

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People troll Machine Gun Kelly on Instagram after viral TikTok video
People troll Machine Gun Kelly on Instagram after viral TikTok video. Picture: Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, @emmielamp via TikTok

Starting the video, Emmie says, "Ok, so when I was 19, my biggest celebrity crush told me he was in town, invited me downtown to meet up with him – and it was a literal shit show."

She then reveals a screenshot of MGK liking her Instagram picture, and then shows the messages from him in her DMs. "We end up meeting up, he was downtown in Cleveland, I was underage at the time so I was super scared – not underage, just not 21. We ended up linking, as you can tell," she says, as she shows the messages.

Emmie then explains that she accidentally called him "sis", which prompted him to start "cussing [her] out". She goes on to say he started "calling me a dumb bitch, a weird bitch," and then ends the video saying, "I said I had to go to the bathroom and then I started crying and we never saw each other again."


The TikTok has since gone viral, with over 280,000 likes and 2.2 million views.

Emmie also shared a follow-up video in response to some of the comments left on her original video with more information on the whole sis-tuation. She explained that Alissa Violet, Olivia O'Brien and "one of the Paul brothers" were all at the party in the club in Cleveland where she met MGK.

Emmie explained that it was late at night and everyone had been drinking and smoking. MGK had dropped his hat, so she picked it up and gave it back to him, and said "here you go, sis." She then added, "He said it was disrespectful, he said he's never had a bitch disrespect him life that."

People are now flooding Machine Gun Kelly's Instagram with "hey sis" comments in response to Emmie's video.

Machine Gun Kelly&squot;s Instagram is flooded with "hey sis" comments
Machine Gun Kelly's Instagram is flooded with "hey sis" comments. Picture: @machinegunkelly via Instagram

And when we say "flooding," we literally mean... flooding. It's been six days since Emmie posted her initial video and people have not! stopped! commenting! under his recent posts!

Machine Gun Kelly has yet to respond to Emmie's TikTok videos, or the "hey sis" comments on his Instagram.

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