Kylie Jenner claps back after being accused of "trying to be relatable" in her videos

1 September 2022, 17:11

Kylie Jenner accused of trying to be relatable in TikTok video

Rachel Michaella  Finn

By Rachel Michaella Finn

"This is not something Kylie Jenner does on the normal. I promise she doesn’t just sit in her car."

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Kylie Jenner has hit back at fans who accused her of trying ‘too hard’ to be relatable in her videos.

The beauty mogul, 25, shared a video with her 46 million TikTok followers several days ago, where she can be seen walking to the car to apply one of her new lip kits in her car.

In the video, Kylie walks to her car filming her new 'lip blush' in one hand, before climbing into her car and dropping her phone. She shrieks and then picks it up before applying her new lip colour in front of her phone camera and tries to make the whole video look like a casual, candid moment.

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Kylie Jenner&squot;s TikTok videos have been called out for "trying to be relatable"
Kylie Jenner's TikTok videos have been called out for "trying to be relatable". Picture: Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, @kyliejenner via TikTok

Many of her followers pointed out that this is a common trope used by content creators who film their videos on their breaks from working their regular jobs or creators who have just bought a new product from a store and are trying it out before driving home.

This led to some fans hitting back at Kylie for being inauthentic and trying to copy other, non-ultra-rich users to seem more ‘relatable’ to her followers.

One follower wrote: "Girl did you just walk out the mansion to go in your car as if you went to the store and couldn’t wait to try it."

"That was the most intentional drop I’ve ever seen," another added.

Kylie’s behaviour was called out in a stitch by user @plasticchandler, who said: “I think it’s very interesting when you watch this video, it’s very curated to the style of an influencer and not Kylie Jenner.”

“Like, this is something Emma Chamberlain would post,” he went on. “And I just think it’s interesting because, it’s like, you’re a billionaire, girl — why are you reviewing lip kits in your car when you live in a multimillion-dollar home?”

“You didn’t just go to the store and pick that up, you didn’t get home from somewhere and get it from your mailbox. That was very deliberate of going to your car to film that, and the phone drop was kind of cringey.”

“These people have never lived a normal life, ever,” Chandler said. “And that’s no hate to them, it’s not their thing. But they have to find these people that have gotten popularity from being somewhat normal and then they take that personality and their traits and what they do so that they can make videos like that and seem normal enough so they can relate to us.”

“Because they are billionaires,” he concluded. “This is not something Kylie Jenner does on the normal. I promise she doesn’t just sit in her car.”

Kylie Jenner responds to criticism about her "relatable" TikToks
Kylie Jenner responds to criticism about her "relatable" TikToks. Picture: TikTok

Kylie herself appears not to agree with those claims, as she replied to the TikTok video directly, saying: "It's really not that deep or calculated."

She added: "This video took me 5 mins to make. And yes I still drive and do normal things."

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