This New Kylie Jenner Fan Theory That She's Already Had Her Baby Will Make You Question Everything

28 December 2017, 12:52

Kylie Jenner Baby Theory

Admit it - you've been on the edge of your seat waiting for that pregnancy announcement!

Most people will try and tell you that they don't care about whether Kylie Jenner is pregnant or not and that there are far more important things to worry about.

Well, those people are 100% jumping straight onto social media to find out the truth when you're not around and then claiming they're not fussed - because let's be honest, we can't help but be hooked on this whole saga.

> Fans Are Hella Annoyed That The Kardashians Left Kylie Jenner Out Of Their Xmas Card Amid Pregnancy Rumours

Whilst there are pap shots of Kylie seemingly looking pregnant out there on the internet, the absence of an official confirmation has fuelled plenty of fan rumours and one has caught our attention.

What if Kylie has already had her baby and is keeping the child behind closed doors until she's ready to share him/her with the world?!

We were all convinced that the Kardashian's 25 Days Of Chrismas Instagram posts were gonna lead to Kylie's announcement on Christmas Day, but when she was left out of the festive post, it made us queston where the heck she was!

Well there are plenty of fans who are convinced that the 20 year old has given birth ALREADY and they're hella convincing...

Was Kylie and her baby really the reason everyone was smiliing and looking off camera in those Christmas pics? We just don't know what to make of this whole thing!

We're pretty sure Ky's yet to have her baby, but we're enjoying being drawn in by these fan theories.

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