Kourtney Kardashian's daughter Penelope sobs and hangs up phone after she told her she was engaged

5 May 2022, 15:24

Kris Jenner gives emotional speech at Kourtney and Travis' engagement

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

It was decided by Kris Jenner that Kourtney's kids Mason, Penelope and Reign wouldn't be at Kourtney and Travis' romantic engagement.

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Another week, another episode of The Kardashians. This time, viewers got to see all the behind-the-scenes happenings and excitement of Travis Barker's romantic proposal to Kourtney Kardashian.

The couple's engagement, which happened back in October 2021, is the focus of the episode. Travis' proposal to Kourtney was a big family event, with Travis' kids Landon, Alabama and step-daughter Atiana (along with family friend Carl) all in attendance. But there was no sign of Kourtney's kids.

In the episode, a couple of explanations as to why Mason, Penelope and Reign weren't there to share the special moment were given by Kris and Kourtney, but it's Penelope's heartbreaking reaction to hearing her mother's news over FaceTime that fans are emotional about.

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Kourtney Kardashian shares Penelope Disick's heartbreaking reaction to Travis engagement
Kourtney Kardashian shares Penelope Disick's heartbreaking reaction to Travis engagement. Picture: @kourtneykardash via Instagram, Hulu via Instagram

At the start of the episode, Kim asks Kris if Kourtney's kids were coming, with Kris explaining that they were not because it would have been too tricky to whisk them away from their father Scott without him knowing anything.

The question pops up again a couple of times, with Khloé agreeing that they were perhaps too young to understand what's going on. Kris then reassures the group that it was the right thing to do.

Later in the episode, Kourtney questions if her kids should have been there, and leaves the table to tell each of them her happy news over FaceTime.

Kourtney calls Penelope first, who promptly bursts into tears after her mother tells her she is engaged. Penelope then says, "hang up," before putting the phone down on her mum. (When Kourtney called Reign, he didn't seem to understand or care, calling Kourt's news "not exciting." Kourtney also notes that Mason didn't answer her calls.)

The emotional moment struck a chord with viewers who questioned Kris' decision to not include them or let them know what was happening. Fans also shared their sympathy with Mason, Reign and Penelope for not being included in the moment.

After the phone calls, Kourtney tells the camera: "I think it would have made them more included in the decision and like part of the surprise. I know that my mom made that decision and it wasn't her best."

The sisters then discuss the decision with Kim asking if Kourtney regrets not having them with her for the special moment. Khloé reassures them that it would have been much harder, explaining how it felt when Kris remarried following her divorce from their father Robert Kardashian.

"I think they think they're losing their dad. I don't think they think they're losing their mom," said Khloé. "They think their dad is gone and you're replacing him. When you're a kid you think you have to pick one. So P's reaction is understandably ok. But there's nothing wrong with Travis."

Tweeting along with the episode, Kourtney agreed with fans who thought the kids should have been there regardless.

Scott also later explains to Khloé that the kids were upset because they "couldn't understand why they were watching TikToks of [Travis'] kids there, and they weren't there." He added: "Hopefully they're invited to the wedding."

As we've seen on social media and in the show so far, Kourtney's kids get along well with Travis and his kids – and there's no doubt they'll be a huge part of the Kravis wedding whenever the big day comes.

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