Kourtney Kardashian reacts to "hypocrite" comments after agreeing with Kim's "work advice"

11 March 2022, 17:52

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"My fave part is Kourtney agreeing as if there wasn’t a whole KUWTK storyline about Kourtney not wanting to work."

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In case you missed all the drama yesterday (Mar 10), Kim Kardashian caught quite a bit of backlash for her “best advice for women in business" comments that she shared in a new Variety interview alongside her sisters Kourtney and Khloé, and mum Kris Jenner.

Kim's "get your f*cking ass up and work,” comments sparked a huge wave of criticism from people who found her advice to be "tone-deaf" considering she was born into an incredibly privileged family, and has huge teams of people working for her.

But beyond that, people also started roasting Kourtney Kardashian for agreeing with her sister, particularly because she's been famously vocal in the past about not wanting to work at all.

It looks like Kourtney found the irony of her "that's so true" comment funny too, and responded to the reaction with a subtle nod on her Instagram story.

Kourtney reacts to "hypocrite" criticism with KUWTK clip
Kourtney reacts to "hypocrite" criticism with KUWTK clip. Picture: Variety via YouTube, E! Entertainment via YouTube

For those not familiar with Kourtney's previous comments on KUWTK, here's a quick run down.

Over the years, Kourt has been called out by her sisters – Kim, in particular – for having a somewhat lacklustre attitude towards working.

In season 15, Kim launched a rant at Kourtney after a disagreement over the schedule Kim had laid out for the 2017 family Khristmas Kard shoot. After Kourtney called out Kim out for organising the shoot around herself and not taking Kourt's own commitments into consideration, Kim shouted at her, saying, "maybe if you had a f*cking business that you were passionate about then you would know what it takes to run a f*cking business but you don't."

Kourt later went viral for her remarks after her sisters pulled her up on either always being late or being impossible to secure for work commitments despite her being the 'least busiest' sister. "Working is just not my top priority. It's never going to be," told her sisters during a discussion with a mediator.

So, as you can imagine, fans were quick to call Kourtney a "hypocrite" when she agreed with Kim's comments in the interview.

While Kim has yet to respond to the backlash, Kourtney pretty much clocked the conversation surrounding her "that's so true" comment and subtly issued her own response.

After sharing a series of posts and videos from the Variety shoot to her Instagram story, Kourtney also snuck in a clip of her saying her infamous "working is just not my top priority" moment.

Well, at least she's aware!

working is not my top priority

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