Kim Kardashian accused of appropriating Black culture with new Vogue cover

10 February 2022, 15:30

Kim Kardashian introduces new SKIMS shimmer collection

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Kim's Vogue photos were also released during Black History Month.

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Kim Kardashian has been hit with yet more accusations of cultural appropriation because of her new Vogue cover shoot.

The SKIMS founder is the latest cover star of American Vogue's March issue and, in the spread, Kim can be seen modelling traditional African hairstyles and outfits that bear an uncanny resemblance to those worn by Black cultural icons.

In one image, Kim is wearing a leotard with her hair styled in a high bun, similar to that worn by Beyoncé in her 'Sorry' music video. In another, Kim has her hair styled just like legendary singer Nina Simone. And, in a third image, Kim is wearing a structured white dress with her hair styled in a middle parting. The photo looks a lot like supermodel Naomi Campbell's November 2020 Vogue shoot.

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Kim Kardashian accused of appropriating Black culture with new Vogue cover.
Kim Kardashian accused of appropriating Black culture with new Vogue cover. Picture: Michael Loccisano/Wire Image, E!

The similarities were pointed out in a post by Diet Prada on Instagram, and Naomi even liked the post. People commented that the timing of the magazine photoshoot's release was particularly triggering because it's currently Black History Month in the US.

In the comment section, one person raged: "In the middle of Black History Month, they drop this on us. So *tired* of being told a Kardashian is 'redefining beauty' when Black women have been setting beauty and style trends for decades." Another added: "Does…. Does Kim KNOW she’s not actually black?"

As you know, this hasn't been the first time Kim has been called out for cultural appropriation. She previously addressed the backlash in a 2021 interview with i-D.

She explained: "Obviously, I would never do anything to appropriate any culture but I have in the past got backlash from putting my hair in braids and I understand that. Honestly, a lot of the time it comes from my daughter asking us to do matching hair.

"And I’ve had these conversations with her that are like, 'Hey, maybe this hairstyle would be better on you and not on me.' But I also want her to feel that I can do a hairstyle with her and not make it that big of a deal either if that’s something that she’s really asking for, and really wants."

Kim continued: "But I’ve learned and grown over the years, and figured out good ways to communicate with all my kids about all this. I’ve definitely learned over time, and I’ve tried to pass that culture of learning onto my kids too. But there’s also a history of braiding hair in Armenia, and people forget that I am Armenian as well."

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