Kim Kardashian says her talent is that she can do "anything" with her toes

7 September 2022, 14:30

Kim Kardashian shuts down theory she has six toes

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

"I could tell you the weirdest f***ing shit on the planet."

Kim Kardashian has clapped back at people who say she has no talent and revealed that she can do anything with her toes.

Ever since Kim Kardashian first rose to international fame on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, people have questioned why the 41-year-old icon is so famous and if she has any talent. Despite being one of the most entertaining people on reality TV and of the most successful businesswomen in the entire world, people continue to question if Kim has any skills of note.

Now, Kim has addressed the "no talent" claims and let slip that she actually has some key gifts that may surprise people.

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Kim Kardashian says her talent is that she can do "anything" with her toes
Kim Kardashian says her talent is that she can do "anything" with her toes. Picture: Taylor Hill/Getty Images, @kimkardashian via Instagram

In a new profile with Interview magazine, Kim responds to people always saying that she has no talent and revealed why it's always bothered her. She says: "Yeah, people used to say that and I’m like, 'Do I need to be a fucking circus animal?'"

Kim adds: "I think it came from people saying, 'What are you famous for?' And I’m like, 'Well, we have a TV show.' But just because we’re not singing and dancing and acting on the show doesn’t mean that the fame didn’t come from that."

She continues: "But then, I would write that as a hashtag, not bad for a girl with no talent, because people used to be like, 'Well, what do you do? What’s your talent?' And I’m like, 'Didn’t know I needed one.'"

Explaining what her talents are Kim says: "I mean I can give you a million fucking talents. I can cook well, use my toes for anything. I could tell you the weirdest fucking shit on the planet."

Okay. We need a full-on investigation into exactly what Kim can do with her toes.

Discussing her talent in further depth, Kim says: "But I think my talent is marketing and the business behind selling products and knowing what the customer wants and making it feel attainable, but also a bit unattainable at the same time. I wouldn’t say that’s a talent. I think it’s a bit of magic and business savvy. Maybe it is talent, I don’t know."

When asked if she agrees with Wikipedia saying, "Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, model, media personality, and businesswoman," Kim replied: "I don’t really care what people think of me or say about me. I mean, model, that’s funny. But, I would just say more of the business side, because that’s all I’ve really cared about."

Kim ended by saying: "Hopefully one day it can say: lawyer and mother. I think those are my most important roles, but I don’t really look at my Wikipedia page, so I don’t really care."

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