Kim Kardashian's son Saint said "you're nothing to me" in a Mother's Day video and fans are shocked

16 May 2023, 15:52

Kim Kardashian's sons Saint and Psalm interrupt her Instagram Live

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"'I say you're nothing to me" that's WILD".

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One thing about Kim Kardashian's kids: They love to roast their own mother at any given opportunity. If it's not North West brutally yet lovingly poking fun at Kim, it's her younger brother Saint.

Over the years, Kim has shared plenty of cute candid moments with her kids North (9), Saint (7), Chicago (5) and Psalm (4) on social media, but her latest post featuring Saint has divided fans quite a bit.

To celebrate Mother's Day, Kim shared a video of Saint's heartfelt message to her on her Instagram Stories, and his comments about her have prompted a wide range of responses from fans.

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Kim Kardashian's Mother's Day message from Saint West divides fan reactions
Kim Kardashian's Mother's Day message from Saint West divides fan reactions. Picture: @kimkardashian via Instagram

On Sunday (May 14), Kim posted a sweet video message from all her kids, organised by Khloé Kardashian, telling her what she means to them. Saint's message, though? So cute, but kind of brutal for a seven-year-old!

"Mom, I’m very grateful for you," he began, before adding, "I know I’m rude to you a lot, I say you’re nothing to me, but you mean the world to me."

He then continued: "I love you more than anything. You’re my favourite in the family, I even love you more than my cute little brother Psalm. I love you, never forget that."

Fans were a bit taken aback by Saint's "I say you’re nothing to me" comment, and it's triggered quite a few reactions online.

Kim Kardashian shares sweet message from Saint on Mother's Day

Commenting on the video that was re-shared by @KardashianSocial on Instagram, one fan wrote: "'I say you’re nothing to me'? Where do these kids learn to even say that 😳 that’s so sad lmao I feel bad for mama but the rest of the message was cute."

The video has also done the rounds on TikTok, where people have been sharing their reactions. "'I say you're nothing to me" that's WILD," one user wrote. "If my kids ever say I'm nothing to them I think I'd stop breathing," another added.

Others gave the comment the benefit of the doubt, noting Saint's young age and pointing out that he's just a kid. "Kids say the darndest things but they mean not. They are just words. He loves his mom I am sure," one fan commented.

Plenty of other fans thought the message was cute, though. And Kim did too, which is all that matters. On her Story, Kim wrote "Saint," alongside the tearing up emoji.

Kim Kardashian shares hilarious Mother's Day card from Chicago West
Kim Kardashian shares hilarious Mother's Day card from Chicago West. Picture: @kimkardashian via Instagram

As well as the video, Kim also shared a hilariously adorable card from Chicago, where the youngster low-key roasted Kim by outing her habits at home.

Answering a series of prompts "all about my mom", Chicago responded, "Mom doesn’t cook. She has a chef," when asked what the best thing Kim cooks at home is. She also said Kim is really good at "going to the gym".

As one TikTok user added: "It really be your own kids!"

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