Kim Kardashian says North West styled her siblings for Vogue because the original outfits were "boring"

15 April 2022, 11:01

Kim Kardashian on North West styling herself and her siblings for Vogue

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

8 years old with Vogue photoshoot styling credits to your name. North West fashion icon.

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Kim Kardashian's 8-year-old daughter North West has become an internet favourite thanks to her appearances on her mother's social media accounts and the funny stories that Kim shares in interviews.

North's latest escapades? Deciding to style herself for her own Vogue photoshoot because of ~creative differences~.

Kim appeared on the cover of March's issue of Vogue, and shared her cover story photoshoot with her four kids, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. When Kim first shared the photos on social media, she let her fans know that North had styled herself and her siblings.

But what she didn't explain was that North styled herself and her siblings... because she thought the clothes that had already been picked out for her to wear were "boring".

North West styled herself for her Vogue photoshoot
North West styled herself for her Vogue photoshoot. Picture: @kimkardashian via Instagram, @kimandnorth via TikTok

Based on what Kim has shared about North's personal tastes in the past, it's clear that the 8-year-old absolutely *hates* monochromatic visuals.

Kim has revealed that North often insults her all-white, monastery-like mansion, calling it "ugly". Kim also recently admitted that North frequently roasts her sense of style too, calling her out for "wearing too much black."

In her latest interview on The Ellen Show, Kim told host Ellen DeGeneres that North had quite the hand in bringing the family's Vogue cover shoot to life – at the expense of the pre-planned outfits that had already been picked out for the West siblings.

"She styled the whole thing," Kim confirmed. "They were all going to wear black, and she walked out and was like, 'This is so boring. I can't believe this is what we're going to wear. I'm gonna dress everyone.' She went in everyone's closet and picked it all out."

Looking boring? In the pages of Vogue? Not on North's watch!

Not only did North spice up the shoot with some colour, she managed to pull together some pretty fun looks for her siblings.

In the cover story, the details of North's chosen lewks were shared. North picked a (unintentional?) Buzz Lightyear colour palette for Saint, with a neon green Kawasaki shirt, purple pants and Yeezy Foam Runners. She chose a pink Chicago Bears jersey with those absolutely iconic (!) metallic pink cowboy boots for little sister Chicago. And Psalm rocked a blue flannel shirt over a tee with khaki trousers.

For herself? A simple white SKIMS tee, a pair of ripped blue Levi's that previously belonged to Kim, and some Balenciaga trainers in a white and neon green colourway.

8 years old with Vogue photoshoot styling credits to your name. North West fashion icon. Can't argue with the facts.

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